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There are few legacy wineries in America. A legacy winery is a winery where the owner is committed to the future, thinking long term, taking actions and making plans not for themselves but for their children’s children. CFV is just that, a bequest to his children so that they pass it along to their children. Jim Clendenen, the “Mind Behind” Au Bon Climat winery, has often dreamed of having a small winery where commerce was not the driving force. Instead, a dream to have the luxury to keep wines long in barrel should they need it, red wines that will last generations, firm wines with firm acidities, wines that are for their purpose food-friendly, and moderate alcohol, these are among his reference points for this production.

Santa Barbara County, California

DescriptionVintageCase Size
Aligote, Le Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley 201412/750ml
Sauvignon Blanc, Mesa Verde Vineyard Santa Ynez201312/750ml
Sauvignon Blanc, Stallion Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley201212/750ml
Tocai Friulano, Borgo Buon Natale Santa Maria Valley201412/750ml
Viognier, Le Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley201312/750ml
Gewurztraminer, Le Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley201312/750ml
Petit Verdot, Bien Nacido Santa Maria Valley20116/750ml
Syrah/Viognier, Rancho La Cuna Santa Maria Valley20096/750ml
Nebbiolo, Bricco Buon Natale, Santa Maria Valley20106/750ml
Nebbiolo Riserva, "Punta Esclamativa" Santa Maria Valley20056/70ml
Chardonnay, Le Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley20096/750ml
Pinot Noir, Le Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley20136/750ml
Chardonnay, "The Pip" Le Bon Climat, Santa Maria Valley201312/750ml
Pinot Noir, "The Pip" Le Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley201412/750ml
Nebbiolo, "The Pip" Le Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley201112/750ml