Ventura County, long known for world class surf spots like Rincon Cove, C-Street and Silver Strand, now has a world class craft beer presence. Surf Brewery®, located minutes from Surfer’s Point in beautiful Ventura, is riding the wave of California’s vibrant beer history and tradition of making craft beers. Founded by home brewers and surfers with a passion for beer and a commitment to create only the finest brews using the highest quality ingredients.

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Mondo’s Blonde Ale

14°P – 16 IBU – 3.8 SRM – 5.0% ABV

Mondo’s is a refreshing lighter bodied ale, with a mild bready malt character and just a hint of corn to add a crisp finish and accent the subtle hop bitterness.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Seasonal IPA

14.5°P – 73 IBU – 37.0 SRM – 7.0% ABV

Using the former beets, you will find a rich and complex malt profile married with the earthiness of caramelized and smoked beets.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Wahine Seasonal Wheat

12°P – 16 IBU – 4.5 SRM – 6.0% ABV

The Wahine line of wheat beers use fresh Ventura fruits to the end of the boil to give each beer a refresshing fruity flavor and aroma.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

South Swell Double IPA

18.5°P – 103 IBU – 9.0 SRM – 9.0% ABV

Dry-hopping provides aroma to hop profile of citrus and gooseberries with just enough malt backbone to support the aggressive hopping.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Amber Ale

14°P – 23 IBU – 14.0 SRM – 5.0% ABV

In celebration of the 100 year Anniversary of the National Parks, the Surf team brewed a special light bodied Amber Ale.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

County Line Rye Pale Ale

14°P – 41 IBU – 7.0 SRM – 6.0% ABV

A Pale Ale with a twist, a healthy dose of rye adds a subtle spiciness and frothy white head while generous amounts of American hops compliment the gentle rye character.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Cherry Foam Board Sour

11°P – 10 IBU – 12.0 SRM – 5.0% ABV

This American Sour Blonde Ale, is designed for those new to sour beer. We employed a unique Kettle-souring technique creates beers with the characteristics found in aged sours.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Oil Piers Seasonal Porter

16°P – 25 IBU – 35.0 SRM – 6.5% ABV

Surf’s robust porter offering  has delicate hopping with a rich malt profile with undertones of dark toast and chocolate. It is then infused with local Ventura roaster, Beacon Coffee’s cold-brewed espresso XX.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Arial IPA

14°P – 65 IBU – 8.0 SRM – 6.5% ABV

Aerial IPA is a hop-forward American style IPA. The light body keeps the beer refreshing without too much malt.

Available in 22oz bottles and draft.

5th Anniversary Tart Imperial Farm House

17°P – 35 IBU – 5.0 SRM – 8.1% ABV

This beer has the tartness of Grapefruit, the traditional Farmhouse Funk, and whispers of Native California white sage.

Available exclusively on limited draft.